How it all began
A father and son unite to create an award winning company.
Read All About It
Freelance reporter, Pamela Garlick reports on the magic behind the Wizard.  Inside Info – Pamela IS the customer that is mentioned in the article.
Evolution of Laser Printers
Service International reports upon the impact that Laser Wizard, Inc has on the of design printers.  FYI nondisclosures were signed after this article appeared.
Bringing the Magic to Europe
The Recycler Magazine  reports about the overwhelming success of Laser Wizard, Inc printer repair course.
The beginning of "Tech Talk"
The Recycler Magazine enhances their publication with the introduction of the Tech Talk column from Laser Wizard, Inc.
Record Sales
In a time of economic uncertainty, Laser Wizard, Inc is proud to announce a record first quarter for 2009.
Sleeping Better
Hotel giants, Crown Plaza, Embassy Suites, Omni Hotel, and Avalon Golden Inn, have dramatically reduced their printer cost thanks to the Wizard.
Welcome to Colleen's Corner
The Wizard’s newest employee, Mrs. Colleen Thompson brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and cheer to the company.  Learn more about Colleen and the many ways that she can help to lower your printing cost.

Luxury Hotels Discover The Wizard’s Magic

The Wizard magically reduces luxury hotels printing cost.

In a time when “Business Closers” and “Layoffs” are far too common, Luxury hotel leaders have taken a proactive approach to lowering their overhead. Embassy Suites, Crown Plaza, Omni Hotel, and Avalon Golden Inn, have turned to Laser Wizard, Inc to reduce their printing cost. The ability to print is an essential part of every computer network. Incredibly, this is also the most overlooked area of a computer system. A properly developed printing infrastructure will streamline your workflow, eliminate production lost, and greatly lower your operating expenses.

The staff of Laser Wizard, Inc spent three month, analyzing, and developing the perfect print program for the, for mentioned hotels. The most efficient printer equipment and corresponding supplies have been used in this program. A customized ordering process has been developed. This prevents costly ordering mistakes and virtually eliminates the need for human interaction.

In addition to directing lowering the Per Page Cost of the for mentioned hotels, Laser Wizard, Inc has also reduced printer down time, wasted man hours, increased production, and created a Greener Environment. The selection of higher capacity printing supplies translates into a reduction of waste that is produced by each printer.

The magic of the Wizard is strong and alive, from cost savings, to saving our environment. Contact Laser Wizard, Inc today and discover the magic for yourself.

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